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Accrued, is a Fintech Confidential Series on LendTech, with support provided by LoanPro.

This series will explore Fintech through the lens of Lending with conversations with those making decisions that shape the market.

Covering the impact of Compliance, Optimization, the need for modernization, and the growing demand for Personalization


In this episode of Accrued, a Fintech Confidential series presented by LoanPro. Host Tedd Huff and Co-Host Nate Bray sit down with Anthony Peculic, Head of Cards and BaaS at Cross River Bank, to discuss the shifting dynamics of the Fintech world. They chat about the hurdles and prospects current banks face, along with the future of financial services that are integrated directly into everyday tools and applications. This discussion also covers how laws and regulations affect fintech companies and the importance of banks working closely with them to ensure regulatory standards are met.

The trio details how banks are adapting to changes in interest rates and customer habits, underlining the need for banks to collaborate rather than just sell services. They also discuss Cross River's unique operating system (COS), designed to tackle these challenges and offer creative solutions that make handling finance easier for businesses and consumers alike.

Throughout the conversation, data and artificial intelligence are emphasized, showcasing how these tools help tailor financial solutions to individual needs, making them more useful and effective. The episode wraps up with insights on how financial institutions increasingly rely on technology to stay relevant and helpful to their customers.

By the end, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how finance is becoming more integrated with technology and what this means for the future of banking and customer interactions. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in developing banking and finance management technology.

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Key Highlights:

  • How regulations are shaping the finance sector and what that means for the future.

  • The significant role open communication plays in adapting to new rules.

  • Why understanding changes in interest rates is essential for managing financial strategies.

  • The evolving role of banks from mere service providers to active partners in financial innovation.

  • The critical impact of technology on improving banking services and customer interactions.

  • How banks are shifting strategies to better support and understand consumer needs.

  • The benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence to customize financial experiences.

  • The flexibility of new banking systems that allow for more robust support and integration.

  • The growing importance of data in crafting personalized banking solutions.

  • Predictions on how the interaction between brands and financial services will continue to evolve, creating a more connected experience.


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1️⃣ Regulations Unveiled: Stay Ahead of the Game!

Staying informed about regulatory changes is essential for anyone in the finance sector. Understanding these changes can help you adapt your strategies to remain compliant and effective.

2️⃣ Open Doors with Regulators: Communication is Key!

Keeping an open line of communication with regulators can significantly ease the process of navigating new financial landscapes. This proactive approach helps ensure that your operations align with current laws.

3️⃣ Tech in Finance: The New Frontier!

Recognizing the importance of technological advancements in banking can give you a competitive edge. Technologies that enhance customer interaction and streamline operations are key to future success.

4️⃣ Master Your Data: AI is Your New Best Friend!

Investing in data analysis and artificial intelligence can lead to more tailored financial products and services. These technologies help understand and predict customer behaviors, improving service delivery.

5️⃣ Tech-Savvy Banking: Embrace the Future Now!

Embracing the shift towards technology-driven finance solutions is crucial. As technology becomes more integrated into everyday finance, understanding and utilizing these tools can enhance your financial offerings and customer satisfaction..

CrossRiver Bank

Anthony's LinkedIn: 

Fintech Confidential


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Time Stamps:

02:05 Welcome Nate Bray

03:34 Introducing Anthony Peculic from Cross River Bank

06:16 Analyzing Market Landscape

07:35 Regulatory Challenges

14:33 Banks in Fintech Innovation

18:23 Regulatory Strategies

22:49 Evolving Credit Card Programs

27:27 Financial Changes Ripple Effects

28:57 Cost of Cash vs. Card

29:33 Evolution of Banking Tech

30:12 Cross River's Fintech Approach

31:52 Future of Banking: CEOs as CTOs

32:36 Real-Time Money Movement

34:45 Cross River's COS

38:54 Future of Embedded Finance

41:03 Role of AI & Data

43:13 Fintech Collaboration Evolution

48:44 Closing Thoughts

This is a Production of Diamond D3, Media

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About the Guest:

Anthony Peculic: Anthony Peculic is Head of Cards and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) at Cross River Bank. With extensive experience in fintech, payments, and HCM sectors, he excels in strategic planning, negotiation, and leading cross-functional teams. He has a proven track record in launching new products within regulated industries and is known for driving revenue growth and increasing client satisfaction.

Cross River Bank: Combining traditional banking trust with advanced technology solutions, Cross River Bank provides scalable embedded payments, cards, and lending solutions to consumers and businesses. It serves major fintech and technology companies, reshaping global finance and financial inclusion.

About the Hosts:

Tedd Huff is the Co-Founder of Voalyre and the President & Founder of Diamond D3, a consultancy renowned for its expertise in global payments and marketing. With over two decades of experience in FinTech, Huff has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry through his contributions to various startups and established companies, focusing on growth, innovation, process improvements, and enhancing user experience in the complexity of payments.

Nate Bray: Chief Innovation Officer at LoanPro, Nate Bray spearheads innovation and expands strategic partnerships. With over 20 years of experience, Nate has held pivotal roles, including Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MX and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo, focusing on fintech and enterprise initiatives. As the co-founder and CEO of Brixio, he led the company's vision in commercial real estate technology.

Diamond D3, Media: A media creation, management, and production company delivering engaging content globally

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