Why PayFac?... Maybe you Shouldn't

Featuring special guests Ashley Isenberg and Alena Smith with UNCUT by Fintech Confidential Host Tedd Huff

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Join host Tedd Huff in an enlightening episode of UNCUT by FinTech Confidential, featuring special guests Ashley Isenberg and Alena Smith. Together, they provide a comprehensive analysis of the Payfac landscape. The episode concludes that key factors for success in this field include a seamless user experience, understanding the different types of payment facilitators, the importance of verticalization, robust fraud, and risk management strategies, and the necessity of strong customer support systems. This discussion is a must-listen for anyone in the FinTech industry, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of payment facilitation.

In-Depth Discussion:

  1. Exploring Types of Payment Facilitators: Tedd Huff, along with Ashley Isenberg and Alena Smith, dive into retail, wholesale, and hybrid models in payment facilitation.

  2. Challenges and Alternatives: The team discusses the hurdles in payment facilitation and explores alternative models like managed payback or traditional ISOs.

  3. User Experience in Payment Facilitation: Emphasizing the critical role of user experience in ensuring efficient payment processes.

  4. The Importance of Verticalization: The guests highlight how specializing in specific industries can lead to more effective PayFac solutions.

  5. Confronting Fraud and Risk Management: Strategies for combating fraud in payment systems, including the use of AI and machine learning, are thoroughly examined.

  6. AI's Role in Enhancing Risk Management: The transformative impact of AI technologies in risk management within the payment industry is a key focus.

  7. Improving Customer Support: The importance of customer support in maintaining positive merchant relationships and smooth payment experiences is discussed.

  8. Key Considerations for PayFac Adoption: The episode provides insights into the infrastructure, tools, and expertise needed for effective payment management.


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Tedd Huff: Tedd Huff is the Co-Founder of Voalyre, and the President & Founder of Diamond D3, a professional services consulting firms focused on global payments and marketing.

Over the past 2 decades, he has contributed to FinTech startups as an Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder, and Chief Experience Officer, providing strategic and tactical direction for Global Payments OpenEdge, Heartland Payments, Nuvei, and TSYS, among others, focusing on growth while delivering innovation, process improvements and user experience-driven value to simplify the complexity of payments.

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